We Know The Devil

We Know The Devil

We Know The Devil” is an intense indie game experience that both entertains and educates. Developed and published by Christian Pretzold and his team at Daymare Studio, the game puts players in the shoes of three teenage girls – Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter – who must survive the horrific week-long summer camp they have been sent to. These three friends must find a way to complete the missions set for them by the Devil, and prevent the end of the world or else face the consequences.

The demonic forces of the game serve as a representation of our personal tribulations, and the players must battle with their inner darkness to overcome them. The paths the characters take, and the choices they make, affect the outcome of their story. Through this journey, we learn how the stories we tell ourselves to cope with life’s difficult decisions can make a difference.

The game features a unique art style combining anime-style visuals with abstract expressions of emotions. Its unique soundtrack further enhances the experience and ties its message together. The overall atmosphere of the game is both chilling and captivating, and puts players in a state of suspense and dread throughout.

In „We Know The Devil„, we learn that even in the darkest of times, our choices can serve as a form of defiance and redemption, and that we are all capable of rising above our fears and demons. Taking on the role of these three characters, we can choose to either face the Devil or succumb to his demands. Through this game, we learn that some battles have to be fought, and that we need to take ownership of our lives to make a difference.

So, if you are looking for an intense, thoughtful gaming experience, look no further – “We Know The Devil” is the answer. And perhaps, upon playing, you’ll realize that, as the game suggests, we do indeed know the Devil.

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